Past year’s cyclists assembling by the Grove School

The Fourth Annual Emerald Necklace Grand Tour will be Saturday, February 18. 

This is a fun event with great people, food and scenery. The tour highlights preserved open spaces, scenic views and fabulous local food and drink purveyors with new stops this year that include the Beverley Pond wetlands in San Timoteo Nature Sanctuary and the city’s new Gateway Ranch property in Live Oak Canyon.

There are four travel options: cycling (either the challenging canyon route or flatter 20 mile route), driving in your own vehicle, or riding in the luxury motorcoach with special guest Pete Dangermond.

Click here to register.  

For more information, here’s more info on their website.

The Redlands Conservancy is nonprofit organization with the mission to preserve Redlands historic-built environment and its irreplaceable agricultural and natural environments.



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