Who we are: RSN is a grassroots community organization formed in 2011 to promote the ideal of sustainability as a way to enhance the wellbeing of all residents and achieve a more prosperous and equitable, greener and healthier community and society. We support and help implement the Sustainability Plan adopted by the City of Redlands in 2011. See cityofredlands.org/green.

What we believe: A sustainable community is one that integrates the goals of environmental quality, economic vitality, and social equity in ways that meet the needs of both present and future generations. Redlands Sustainability Network views sustainable practices broadly, focusing not only on the environment and historic preservation, but also on community building and improving the general wellbeing of, and equality of opportunity for, all residents of our community.

RSN supports: all ongoing community efforts and new initiatives that promote sustainable practices, including those that support:

  • Preserving and maintaining historic structures, open green space and nature trails;
  • Patronizing locally-owned and -operated businesses; • Decreasing all forms of environmental degradation and pollution;
  • Reducing the human contribution to greenhouse gases and global climate change;
  • Decreasing dependence on fossil fuels and increase the use of cleaner energy sources;
  • Conserving water and soil and promoting drought-tolerant landscaping;
  • Increasing recycling, using recycled-content products, and reusable shopping bags;
  • Increasing energy efficiency, green construction & green retrofitting;
  • Increasing cycling, bike lanes and use of public transportation;
  • Local civic service organizations and increasing civic engagement;
  • Motherhood and Apple Pie (each in moderation, of course);
  • Cultural activities such as art, music and live theatre;
  • Community gardens and local farms, and eating local food;
  • Bio-diverse agriculture and heritage seeds that can reproduce;
  • The humane treatment of animals;
  • Eating whole, non-GMO, organic foods and more raw and slow-cooked foods;
  • Planting trees and oppose deforestation;
  • Social and medical services that enhance the wellness of all residents;
  • The spiritual wellbeing of all residents; and
  • Education that fosters environmental awareness, appreciation and action.

Redlands Sustainability Network Activities

Each year we anticipate holding three quarterly forums on sustainability-related topics and one annual Sustainability Festival to which the public is invited. In March 2013, RSN sponsored the first Redlands Sustainability Festival at the University of Redlands. It featured 60 exhibitors, and speakers and music, and was attended by an estimated 500 – 600 guests. In response to the enthusiasm of the exhibitors, the attendees, and the University, we decided to make it an annual event. We are committed to make our annual Festival bigger and better every year. We invite your involvement in the Festival and all other future events.


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