1. Freshness.

Locally grown organic fruits and vegetables are usually harvested within 24 hours of being purchased by the consumer.

2. Taste.

Produce picked and eaten at the height of freshness tastes better.

3. Nutrition.

Nutritional value declines, often dramatically, as time passes after harvest. Because locally grown produce is freshest, it [...]

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The Redlands Sustainability Network, in cooperation with Inland Empire Resources Conservation District (IERCD) and Wild California, presents


Come to a public forum on growing native drought tolerant plants and a NATIVE PLANT SALE!

Saturday, October 25
3:00 pm to 5:00 pm

Redlands United Church of Christ
168 [...]

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Sustainability has now become a concern of virtually every sector of human society.

It enjoys more popular support than environmental resource conservation because it focuses on human needs, but also because it provides a positive vision for the future of the human family. From a motivational perspective, few people are inspired by [...]

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Jerry Brown is the governor of California. He spoke ahead of the UN Secretary-General’s Climate Leadership Summit about politics and the value of his state’s emissions trading system in building a healthier, cleaner future. The state’s economy is growing, and its climate work is setting [...]

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“People know what they do.
And most know why they do what they do.
But what they don’t know is what what they do does.”
—Michael Foucault

Nobody went to jail. No one burned down the State House or forcibly removed the President of the United States from office. What [...]

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From Marilyn Hempel, member of the RSN Steering Committee, editor of Population Press, and director of Blue Planet United, a non-profit organization dedicated to saving people and wild places.


Personal Action Guide for Sustainable Living The “Big Five” Consider having fewer children, or none. There is probably no single greater [...]

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We would like to thank all the great volunteers, students, and staff of the University for stepping up to make this year’s Sustainability Festival hugely successful. And to the many businesses, non-profit organizations, and student groups who participated, we can’t thank you enough. We nearly doubled the number of tables from year one [...]

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The Redlands Sustainability Network announces its May Forum:

Squash the Big Boxes, Let’s Rebuild Our Own Food System!

Bob Knight says: “Old Grove Farm Share is run by members of our community for members of our community.  We’re a grassroots movement that believes in bucking the industrial food system and recreating what our [...]

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