From Marilyn Hempel, member of the RSN Steering Committee, editor of Population Press, and director of Blue Planet United, a non-profit organization dedicated to saving people and wild places.


Personal Action Guide for Sustainable Living The “Big Five” Consider having fewer children, or none. There is probably no single greater [...]

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We would like to thank all the great volunteers, students, and staff of the University for stepping up to make this year’s Sustainability Festival hugely successful. And to the many businesses, non-profit organizations, and student groups who participated, we can’t thank you enough. We nearly doubled the number of tables from year one [...]

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The Redlands Sustainability Network announces its May Forum:

Squash the Big Boxes, Let’s Rebuild Our Own Food System!

Bob Knight says: “Old Grove Farm Share is run by members of our community for members of our community.  We’re a grassroots movement that believes in bucking the industrial food system and recreating what our [...]

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Want to be involved? We’ve got a worthy cause for you to check out.

On Saturday, April 26, 2014, the community is coming together to beautify our community and we need your help!!

Last year, over 2,300 volunteers came together to create a new park in Redlands. It was an incredible event! Hundreds [...]

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32 Criteria for Assessing Sustainability in Decision Making

(Goal: one or more of these should be advanced without causing significant regress in any of the others)

Does a proposed plan, policy, program or practice:

General Objectives (ideals)
1. Advance the welfare of people and ecosystems, co-evolving through time?
2. Provide economic vitality [...]

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The Redlands Sustainability Network announces its February Forum:

Co-creating a Sustainable City

Michele Mician will share the experience and journey of the City of Palm Springs as it has launched it’s Electric Vehicle Readiness Programs.

About the speaker:

Michele C. Mician, MS, LEED GA
Manager, Office of Sustainability
City [...]

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Ride (or drive) Redlands Emerald Necklace

In 1987 the City of Redlands adopted the Redlands Parks and Open Space Plan, and since 2003 the Redlands Conservancy has been working with the city, landowners, regional authorities and experts in wild space conservation to preserve and protect the green (and sometimes brown!) lands that surround our [...]

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Join us for the 2nd Annual Redlands Sustainability Festival

Saturday, March 29th
11 am to 3 pm
at the University of Redlands

Co-sponsored by the Redlands Sustainability Network
and the University of Redlands

Come celebrate sustainability with music, exhibits,
presentations [...]

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